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was incorporated on May 4, 2015 with a primordial goal of uplifting the capabilities of the Filipino seafarer.

With the Maritime Industry being highly regulated, the company aims to enhance the competencies

of globally competitive seafarers.

It is the passion of the company to provide nothing but the best quality maritime

training consistent with the requirements of International Standards.


Our education programs are designed by specialized Research & Development maritime professional made to be delivered and tailored to our clients’ needs. Our training courses are supported by state of the art facilities equipped with latest bridge and engine simulators, cargo handling simulators and up to date teaching material which all combined compile the success to our Mission.

Our new world-class simulation centre enables seafarers to train on the very latest specialist facilities using Kongsberg technology.

No Courses Title
1. Main Bridge Simulator
2. 5 Satellite Bridge Simulators
3. Bridge Simulator Instructors Station
4. Engine Room / Main Engine Simulator
5. Control Room Simulator
6. 15 Engine Room Student Stations
7. Engine Room Instructors Station
8. 15 Cargo Handling Student Stations
9. Cargo Handling Instructor Station
10. 6 ECDIS Full Mission Stations
11. Simulator Briefing/ Debriefing Classroom

Our R&D personnel along with our specialized instructors take upon the development and delivery of any course in our clients’ request.


We are an institution that guarantees excellent quality of training in an environment conducive for learning, promotes safety, security and social accountability.

In line with the company’s vision statement, IMEC Corp. will deliver the highest value to our trainees, trainers, principals and employees as the premier maritime educational source in the country. Our policies constantly encourage and pursue more innovation, new services and the latest technology to stay update and relevant in the industry.


A preferred and valued partner in Global Maritime Industry for marine professional development and competency enhancement.

IMEC Corp. is committed to the maritime education and through the dedication to professional training to maintain its level as an educational community of robust, constantly up-to-date, open-minded and creative maritime knowledge.

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The very first in Maritime Training
and Shipping Industry

Ensure our work is consistent with our commitment to comply
with the requirements based on ISO 9001:2015

We guarantee to provide customer satisfaction results from a motivated workforce. And innovate our products and services to achieve operational excellence.

IMECC is a newly established institution that provides the best quality training equipped with the latest maritime technology and competency based simulators that will train seafarers in the highest standard of excellence in maritime operations.

Training Courses

No Course Title Code Duration (days) Schedule
1. Advanced Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanker Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator AGC 5 Mon-Fri
2. Advanced Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator Course for Oil Tanker ACO 5 Mon-Fri
3. Automatic Identification System (Purely Lecture) AIS 2 Mon-Tue
4. Automatic Identification System Simulator ISS 3 Mon-Wed
5. Bridge Resource Management (Full) BRF 2 Tue- Wed
6. Bridge Resource Management (Refresher) BRR 1 Wednesday
7. Bridge Team Management BTM 2 Tue- Wed
8. Bridge Team Management (Refresher) BTR 1 Wednesday
9. Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator CBS 5 Mon – Fri
10. Cargo Handling & Care of Cargo with Simulator- full CHC 5 Mon – Fri
11. Cargo Handling & Care of Cargo with Simulator- Refresher CHR 1 Fri
12. Cargo Handling & Care of Cargo (Purely Lecture) CCC 2 Thur-Fri
13. Cargo Handling & Stowage CHS 5 Mon-Fri
14. Collision Avoidance CAF 2 Mon-Tue
15. Collision Avoidance- Refresher CAR 1 Tuesday
16. Crane Operator Training COT 2 Thur-Fri
17. Enclosed Space Entry ESE 1 Variable
18. Training for Type Specific ECDIS- JRC Model JAN701B/901B JRO 2 Thur-Fri
19. Training for Type Specific ECDIS- JRC JAN 7201/9201 JRN 2 Thur-Fri
20. Hatch Cover Inspection and Maintenance HCI 1 Wednesday
21. Hatch Cover Inspection and Maintenance- Specific Type HCS 1 Wednesday
22. Hatch Cover Inspection and Maintenance- MacGregor HCM 1 Wednesday
23. Hatch Cover Inspection-Seohae Folding Type HFC 1 Wednesday
24. Integrated Bridge System IBS 2 Mon-Tue
25. International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo IMC 5 Mon-Fri
26. Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator LCH 5 Mon- Fri
27. Magnetic Compass Calibration MCC 2 Thur-Fri
28. Mooring and Unmooring MOU 3 Mon-Wed
29. Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) OED 5 Mon-Fri
30. Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) ECD 2 Thur-Fri
31. Operational Use of ECDIS (Refresher) ECR 1 Friday
32. Passage and Voyage Planning PVP 3 Tues-Thur
33.    Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting and Use of ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) ARP 3 Wed-Fri
34.     Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting and Use of ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid)- Refresher ARR 1 Friday
35.      Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch DWK 5 (40hrs) Mon-Fri
36.      Ship Handling & Maneuvering SHM 3 Mon-Wed
37.      Ship Handling & Maneuvering (Refresher) SHR 1 Wednesday
38.      Ship Handling & Maneuvering Simulator (Large Tanker Vessel in Narrow Chanel) MTV 3 Mon-Wed
39.      Ship Handling & Maneuvering Simulator (Large LNG Carriers in Narrow Chanel) LLC 3 Mon-Wed
40.      Ship Handling Simulator (Large LNG Carriers In Narrow Channel) Refresher LLR 1 Wednesday
41.    Ship Simulator & Bridge Teamwork SSB 2 Mon-Tue
42.    Ship Simulator & Bridge Teamwork (Refresher) SSR 1 Tuesday
43.    Ship Simulator & Bridge Teamwork with BRM SBM 3 Mon-Wed
44. Ship Simulator & Bridge Teamwork with BRM (Refresher) SST 1 Wednesday
45. Ship to Ship STS 1 Variable
46. Solid Bulk Cargoes SBC 5 Mon-Fri
47. Steering Course STC 2 Mon-Tue
48.  Tank Inspection TIT 1 Variable
49.    Trim and Stability TAS 3 Wed-Fri
50. Trim and Stability (Refresher) TAR 1 Friday
51. Cargo Securing Training (Bulk and Container Officers & Ratings- Right ship Requirement CST 3 Mon-Wed
52.    Cargo Handling with Simulator for Bulk Cargo Vessel CHB 3 Mon-Wed
53.    Safe Handling of Solid Bulk Cargoes (Cargo Handling on Ships Carrying Dangerous and Hazardous Substances in Solid Form in Bulk) SHS 3 Mon-Wed
54.  Basic Operation of Log Carrier BOL 2 Tue-Wed
No Courses Title
1. Ballast Water Management BWM 1 Monday
2. Bilge Water/Waste Oil Separator Operational Course (Ratings) BSR 1 Tues/Thur/Sat
3. Bilge Water/Waste Oil Separator Operational Management Course (Officers) BSO 1 Tues/Thur/Sat
4. Engine Resource Management ERM 2 Mon-Tue
5. Engine Resource Management (Refresher) ERR 1 Tuesday
6. Engine Room Simulator with Engine Resource Management EME 3 Mon-Wed
7. Engine Room Simulator with Engine Resource Management (Refresher) ERE 1 Wednesday
8. Engine Room Simulator ERS 2 Mon-Tue
9. Engine Room Simulator (Refresher) ERF 1 Tuesday
10. Engine Room Safety Awareness ESA 2 Mon-Tue
11. Engine Team Management ETM 2 Mon-Tue
12. Engine Team Management (Refresher) ETR 1 Tuesday
13. Electronic Oil Record Book eORB 1 Variable
14. Energy Efficiency And Fuel Management EFF 2 Variable
15. Fuel Management FMC 1 Variable
16. Framo FMO 1 Wednesday
17. Gas Measurement Instrument GMI 1 Thursday
18. Marine Scrubbers Training MOT 2 Variable
19. ME-C Generic Familiarization MGF 2 Mon-Tue
20. ME-C Standard Operation MSO 5 Mon-Fri
21. ME-C Advanced Troubleshooting MST 5 Mon-Fri
22. ME-C Electrician MEE 4 Mon-Thur
23. Oil Record Book Part 1 ORE 1 Monday
24. Oil Record Book Part 2 ORD 1 Tuesday
25. Oil Record Book Part 1 and 2 ORB 1 Monday
26. Operation and Maintenance of Man B & W ME- B 9.3 TII MBW 5 Mon-Fri
27. Ultra Low Sulphur Operation LSO 4 Mon-Thur
28. Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Change over Procedure ULS 1 Friday
No Courses Title
1. Accident/Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis AII 1 Wednesday
2. Anti-Piracy Awareness APA 1 Tuesday
3. Behavioral Based Safety BBS 1 Tuesday
4. Bulk Carrier Safety Course BCS 3 Variable
5. Bunkering Survey Calculation BSC 3 Variable
6. Consolidated MARPOL 73/78 Annex I to VI CMP 1 Friday
7. MARPOL 73/78 Annex I MP1 1 Monday
8. MARPOL 73/78 Annex II MP2 1 Tuesday
9. MARPOL 73/78 Annex III MP3 1 Wednesday
10. MARPOL 73/78 Annex IV MP4 1 Thursday
11. MARPOL 73/78 Annex V MP5 1 Friday
12. MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI MV6 1 Saturday
13. Cross- Cultural Interpersonal Skills CCI 1 Friday
14. Crude Oil Washing & Inert Gas System COW 1 Tuesday
15. Cyber Security Awareness CSA 1 Monday
16. Cyber Security Officer Training CSO 1 Tuesday
17. Dangerous, Hazardous & Harmful Cargoes DHC 2 Tue-Wed
18. Dangerous, Hazardous & Harmful Cargoes-Refresher DHR 1 Wednesday
19. Dangerous, Hazardous & Harmful Cargoes with CFR DFR 2 Tue-Wed
20. Energy Conservation Course ECC 2 Variable
21. Extreme Weather Condition EWC 1 Wednesday
22. Garbage Disposal Management GDM 1 Monday
23. Hazardous Materials with CFR HMC 2 Tue-Wed
24. Hazardous Materials with CFR- Refresher HMR 1 Wednesday
25. Hazardous Atmosphere Monitoring HAM 1 Wednesday
26. Human Element Leadership and Management HEL 1 Tue/Thur
27. International Ship and Port Facility Security Code ISP 1 Sat
28. ISM Code Familiarization-Officers IS0 1 Tue/Wed
29. ISM Code Familiarization- Ratings ISR 1 Tue/Wed
30. ISO 9001:2015 ISS 1 Mon
31. ISO 14001: 2015 ISE 1 Tue
32. ISO 45001: 2018 HIS 1 Thurs
33. ISO 50001: 2018 IEM 1 Fri
34. Leadership and Management LAM 1 Thursday
35. Leadership and Teamwork LAT 1 Thursday
36. LNG Familiarization LNG 2 Thur-Fri
37. Magnetic Compass Calibration MCC 2 Variable
38. Management of Change MOC 1 Saturday
39. Management, Leadership and Accountability MLA 1 Thursday
40. Marine Environmental Awareness MEA 1 Saturday
41. Marine Accident and Incident Investigation MAI 1 Friday
42. Marlins Test MLT 1 Variable
43. Maritime English for Officers MEO 1 Thurs
44. Maritime English for Ratings MER 1 Thurs
45. Media Response Training MRT 1 Thursday
46. Mental Health (Management Level) MHC 1 Variable
47. Person in Overall Advisory Control (Lecture) POAC 1 Wednesday
48. Person in Overall Advisory Control (with Simulator) ACS 2 Wed-Thur
49. Port State Control Preparation PSC 1 Mon/Wed/Fri
50. Prevention of Alcohol & Drug Abuse in the Maritime Sector PDM 1 Friday
51. Quality Safety Management System QMS 1 Wednesday
52. Risk Assessment RAC 1 Wednesday
53. Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation Analysis RAI 1 Tuesday
54. Risk Assessment and Management RAM 1 Wednesday
55. Security Awareness Training and Seafarers with Designated Duties SDSD 1 Tuesday
56. Shipboard Safety Officers Course SSC 3 Wed-Sat
57. Shipboard Safety Officers Course (Refresher) SBS 1 Saturday
58. Ship Security Officers SSO 3 Mon-Wed
59. Ship Security Officers (Refresher) SSR 1 Wednesday
60. Stress Management SMT 1 Thursday
61. Train the Trainer TTT 4 Tue-Fri
62. Vetting Inspection VIT 1 Thursday
63. Volatile Organic Compound VOC 1 Monday
No Courses Title Code Duration (days) Schedule
1. Ship’s Catering Services NC I – TESDA SCS 13 Mon-Sat
2. Food Hygiene and Sanitation FHS 1 Tuesday
3. Advance Training for Chief Cook ATC 3 Wed-Fri
4. Messman Course MSC 2 Mon-Tue
5. Victualling VIC 1 Wednesday
6. Catering Management CMT 1 Thursday
7. Food Management and Budgeting FMB 1 Monday
8. Housekeeping HSK 1 Variable
No Courses Title Code Duration (days) Schedule
1. ChartWorld eGlobe G2 CWG 2days Mon-Sat
2. Consilium ECDIS G2 CEG 2days Mon-Sat
3. Consilium ECDIS (Selesmar ECDIS) CES 2days Mon-Sat
4. Consilium S-ECDIS (Standard ECDIS) CSS 2days Mon-Sat
5. Imtech SeaGuide ISG 2days Mon-Sat
6. JRC JAN-701/901/2000 JRO 2days Mon-Sat
7. JRC JAN-7201/9201 JRN 2days Mon-Sat
8. Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital ECDIS KHM 2days Mon-Sat
9. Martek Marine iECDIS MME 2days Mon-Sat
10. Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis ECDIS RAS 2days Mon-Sat
11. Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis ECDIS NX RNX 2days Mon-Sat
12. Simrad Maris ECDIS 900 SME 2days Mon-Sat
13. Simrad E5024 SRE 2days Mon-Sat
14. NG Sperry Marine VisionMaster NGS 2days Mon-Sat
15. Wartsila SAM ECDISPILOT Platinum WCE 2days Mon-Sat
16. Wartsila CHARTPILOT WCP 2days Mon-Sat
17. Wärtsilä NaviSailor 4000 by Transas TRS 2days Mon-Sat
18. Tokyo Keiki EC-8100/8600 TKK 2days Mon-Sat
19. FURUNO FEA 2107/2107-BB/2807 FEA 2 Days Mon-Sat
20. FURUNO FMD 3100/3100BB/3200/3300 FMD 2 Days Mon-Sat
Deck & Navigation table1
Deck & Navigation table1
Table B Marine Engineering
Table B Marine Engineering
Health, Safety, Security, Environmental Protection & Quality
Health, Safety, Security, Environmental Protection & Quality
Stewarding Courses
Stewarding Courses
ECDIS Specific Online Training
ECDIS Specific Online Training

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